Technology Department
Technology is a tool that enables teachers and administrators to work more productively, offering solutions for instruction, time management, student monitoring and intervention. The integration of effective lesson planning and the use of technology are essential to creating an environment conducive for learning.

The purpose of the use of technology in the McIntosh County School System is for more effective student learning. Technology is a tool for administrators, teachers, and students to use in the instructional process.

The mission of the McIntosh County Technology Services Department is to provide leadership, technical assistance, resources and professional development opportunities to McIntosh County's teachers and support staff in order to improve student learning. We are geared toward equipping our schools with modern equipment so that our students will be prepared to function in the world technologically.

As a department, our goals for the teachers, students and support staff of the McIntosh County School system are:
  • To provide all teachers and support staff access to educational and administrative technology in classrooms, offices, and media centers.
  • To provide teachers and students with the hardware, software and training resources necessary to successfully integrate technology into classrooms, media centers and computer labs.
  • To provide all instructional personnel continued staff development in the utilization of technologies in the teaching-learning process.
  • To participate in any appropriate and available communications network linking the schools within our system, and our system with libraries, community agencies, colleges, technical institutions, and educational data sources throughout the state, including our ETTC.
  • To provide for the proper functioning and maintenance of the local area network by securing and retaining a systems' administrator trained in the utilization of emerging technologies.
  • To fully utilize resources provided by the Georgia Department of Education in the use of technology, assessment, and instruction
  • To provide a medium in which to communicate with the McIntosh County community regarding activities and events taking place in the McIntosh County School system.
  • To meet the state and national goals on attendance, program completion, achievement in all academic areas, and 100% adult literacy through appropriate utilization of technology.

Rusty Boone
Director of Technology

Ken Hyndman
Technology Coordinator

Elsie Lane
Student Information Specialist 

Brandon White
Technology Specialist

Susie Moody
Technology Specialist
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