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Mission Statement:

The mission of Intervention and Student Support is to assist administration, educators, parents, students, and all other stakeholders in supporting and enriching each of our students in their efforts to receive a high school diploma and access post secondary learning opportunities.

Response To Intervention-and the Pyramid of Interventions

The Pyramid of Interventions was introduced by the Georgia Department of Education in 2006 as part of our state wide school improvement plan. Its goal is to provide a framework to assist individual school systems in meeting the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the 2004 reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

More specific information on the Georgia Pyramid of Interventions can be found at the Georgia Department of Education.

How will RTI benefit the children of McIntosh County Schools?

Response to Intervention or RTI is the foundation for the Georgia Pyramid of Interventions. It composes the first three tiers of the pyramid and provides a step by step process of identifying struggling students for targeted assistance and interventions before they fail.

RTI revolves around the idea that it is better to identify and provide assistance to a student before they experience failure. The McIntosh County School system will use a series of quick universal screenings that have been nationally normed in key literacy areas such as reading, mathematics, and written expression. Each universal screening will take less than 5 minutes per child to administer which should not to interfere with valuable instructional time.

Parents will be provided easy to read reports that will detail their student's progress. In addition, the screenings allow for immediate identification of students not progressing at the expected rate for their age or grade level. As these students are identified, appropriate interventions can be put in place immediately with more frequent progress monitoring to ensure success come the spring.

For more information you can contact David White, School Psychologist & Section 504/RTI Coordinator for McIntosh County Schools by emailing him at dwhite@mcintosh.k12.ga.us.
Response to Intervention
Keys to the Pyramid

Tier 1

Tier 1 takes place in every classroom, in every school, every day. This is good standards based, and scientifically researched based, teaching. where the teacher addresses the universal learning and problems that are occurring with the majority of his or her students. Data collection in Tier I will include benchmark assessments, AIMSweb identified curriculum based measures, Pre and Post testing, etc.

 At Tier 1:

We expect to see 80-90 % of our students above the 75% mark (not at risk for failing).
Curriculum is GPS aligned and taught using Best Practices such as the Learning Focused framework; 6 Elements of a Math Lesson; and Thinking Maps.
Lessons are differentiated to the learning needs of the students by using strategies like small groups, flexible grouping, collaborative teaching, use of performance tasks, etc.

Academic Well Checks

As our children grow, doctors weigh our children and measure how tall they are. This information is put on a chart that shows where our child stands compared to other children and how fast they are growing. These charts help doctors to understand if our children are growing properly or if something may be wrong, enabling them to do something to help as soon as possible.

Doctors use children's height and weight as well as "Well Checks", or vital signs of development. We all know how important it is for our children to "grow" academically. In fact, successfully learning to read at an early age is probably one of the most important factors in a child's learning, both inside and outside of school.

Because reading and academic growth are so important, our school system has instituted a "Well Check" system developed by AIMSweb to help us understand how well our children are reading and are able to understand numbers and math. This "Well Check" will be given three times a year: once in the fall, winter, and spring. We will provide parents with information regarding your child's progress and update you with any further information. A downloadable brochure with more information is available to print in the forms section of this web page. you will find it under "Well Check Brochure."

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