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Mission Statement

The mission of the McIntosh County School System is to provide a high quality education for all of our students.


Our vision is to be a school system that ensures an excellent and equitable education for our students, all of whom will graduate, be lifelong learners, and be successful citizens.

Information on AdvancED/SACS CASI Accreditation
Strategic Plan and Strategic Waiver Partnership Application
Reviewed Board Policies

The McIntosh County Board of Education has initiated Policy IFBGC Employee Computer and Internet Use. This policy will be available for public review and comments for 30 days.

Please click the link to review the policy:Policy IFBGC Employee Computer and Internet Use.

There is an opportunity to respond at the bottom of each policy by typing in your comment and clicking submit.


District News
Georgia Department of Education House Bill 91 (Graduation Tests)


House Bill 91 FAQ 

Diploma Petition Form

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Community Wide "BUC PRIDE" Pep Rally!Posted Wednesday @ 2:52 PM
Community Wide "BUC PRIDE" Pep Rally!Posted Wednesday @ 2:52 PM
Notification Of Asbestos Management Plan
McIntosh School System Calendars
District Information
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