Welcome to McIntosh County School Transportation
The mission of the McIntosh County Transportation Department is to provide safe and timely school bus services to the students of McIntosh County. 

  • Observe the same conduct on the bus as in the classroom
  • Be courteous, profane language is not allowed
  • Do not eat on the bus
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Cooperate with the bus driver
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not be destructive
  • Stay in your seat
  • Keep heads, hand, and feet inside the bus
  • Sit in your assigned seat
  • Stand 12 feet off the roadway while waiting for the bus
  • Be at the bus stop 5 mins to the stop time
  • Talk in a normal tone of voice. Unnecessary conversation with the bus driver is dangerous
  • Whenever boarding or departing, cross the road 10 feet in front of the bus and only when the driver signals that it is clear to cross
  • Do not bring large boxes, cages, firearms, knives, glass bottles, animals, reptiles, offensive materials, etc. on the bus
  • Pay for damages to school buses or property within 10 days after billing
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Contact Information

Transportation Supervisor
Shannon Sherba




Phone: 912.437.6645 
Fax: 912.437.2140