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New Student Registration Information
  • New Student Registration Information

    Please bring the following documents to enroll your student:

    ·        Birth certificate: Must be government issued; hospital certificates are not acceptable.

    ·        Immunization Certificate: Immunizations information must be on the proper Georgia Department of Human Resources
             (Form 3231)

    ·        Ear, Eye and Dental Screening: No child entering a Georgia school for the first time shall be admitted unless the child has a
             certificate of eye, ear and dental screening. This Georgia Department of Human Resources certificate (Form 3300) must be
             signed by the Health Department or a licensed Georgia physician.

    ·        Social Security Card: Please provide a copy of your child's social security card.

    ·        Academic Records: If possible, please bring most recent report card, withdrawal form from previous school and/or transcripts.
              These are essential for proper placement of students.