McIntosh County Schools Maintenance Department

The maintenance department strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for students, faculty and whoever comes to our campuses.

We have the Central Office/Transportation Building

  • Maintenance Building
  • Todd-Grant - 12 Buildings with 86, 254 Sq Ft
  • Middle School & Oak Grove - 6 Buildings with 108,648 Sq Ft
  • Sports Field - 3 Buildings
  • High School and Auditorium- 1 Building with 139,755 Sq Ft
  • Commercial Fisherman's Sports Complex - 6 Buildings
  • Alternative School - 2 Buildings

A total of 334,657 Sq Ft. We are responsible for a total of 27 buildings and 119 acres of land being utilized by 200 adults and over 1900 students daily.  There are a total of 160 classrooms, 75 bathrooms, 62 offices, 3 cafeterias, 3 kitchens and 3 gyms with locker rooms. We have 3 Grounds Keepers for mowing, trimming, keeping trash picked up and emptied and parking lots swept.  There are 4 maintenance men for all electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, kitchen equipment, and maintaining the equipment utilized in our department.


Name & Position Contact Info
Eloise  Bacon
MCA Custodian
James   Bloodworth
MCA Custodian
Laura  McClinton
MS Custodian
Debra  Butler
Custodial Supervisor
Emily  Gordon
MCA Custodian
Nora  Grovenor
MCA Custodian
Kirk   Loder
James  McCormick
MCA Custodian
Heath  Mixon
Jerry  Mixon
Arthur  Riggins
Jonathan Warren
Ronnie  Ryals
Maintenance Director

Email Ronnie Ryals
Betty  Thomas
OG Custodian
Betty  West
MS Custodian
 Debra Butler
TGE Custodian
Idona Canada
TGE Custodian
 Lillie Bell Carter
TGE Custodian


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