Police Department

      McIntosh County Campus Police Department



non emergency line (912) 437-8902
 emergency line (912) 217-0563 or  911

contact #'s for individual schools 

Todd Grant Elementary School .............912.437.6675

McIntosh County Middle School........... 912.437.6685

 McIntosh County Academy ...............912.437.6691

 Board of Education...........................912.437.6645

Department Review

Uniform Services Division

The Uniform Services Division, or commonly known as the Patrol Division, is comprised of sworn, certified police officers who provide law enforcement services and school safety programs throughout the school district. The officers patrol the campuses on foot, in police vehicles, and on bicycles. These officers respond to emergency calls for help and investigate criminal complaints.   
Uniform Services Officers are equipped with the necessary law enforcement tools to provide the students and staff with a safe learning environment. Uniformed officers also conduct traffic enforcement, investigate vehicle accidents, and issue citations when necessary.  

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers trained and specialized in the area of criminal investigations and crime scene investigations.  


The campus police department serves as the primary law enforcement agency for McIntosh County Schools. 

Our mission is to provide professional law enforcement services, crime prevention,  and educational services to the students, staff, and citizens of McIntosh County.

The campus police department was established and recognized by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on April 3rd, 2008.  The police officers are sworn and state certified through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.  Our officers are professional and highly trained. They have full arrest powers and will investigate all criminal complaints.  

The McIntosh County Campus Police Department jurisdiction encompasses all properties and campuses owned by the McIntosh County Board of Education, any public and/or private property within 500 yards of the property of an educational facility, at all bus stops, on all buses, and at all athletic or social events sponsored by the B.O.E..

Any complaints of bullying should be reported to school staff or a M.C.C.P.D. Officer as soon as possible. The McIntosh County School System has procedures in place to handle such complaints, and parents should encourage their children to notify school personnel immediately. 


A message for students and parents as the school year begins......

       Please be mindful of the rules and laws which govern the behavior of students and citizens whenever your on government property. Likewise, always be respectful towards other students and staff members. The campus police department strives to ensure all grounds, campuses, buses, and sponsored events are safe and secure for our students and community. Please report any criminal or suspicious behavior to an officer or staff member immediately.